The comment that changed the world.*

*I wish.

Here is my comment after reading a lot of people’s arguing back and forth on the weather channel’s site about Global Warming A.K.A.:Climate Change.


“If you are really open-minded and would like to know the truth from experts, there is a video and a completed report that came out last month about America’s Climate Choices. Congress had these people do a report risk-management-style on how we should go about Climate change and Yes… it is occurring, and it is man-made. Our progression of fossil-fuel use after the Industrial Revolution amped up the effects we have on our planet. We have to realize that and deal with the consequences starting now and adapt before we produce more and more hazardous effects on the environment and end up having to adapt to even worse conditions. Most people go into denial about it because they feel that it threatens their way of life as they’ve come to know it, but is it really worth it to destroy all the adventurous landscapes before we ever get to explore them? Just to sit in traffic wasting life and expensive gas gaining stress and road rage repeating that cycle every day until we lose our minds? I’m about to turn 25 and I’m highly pissed off that irresponsible people before me chose to ignore how the next generation may come to feel about the planet we’ve been handed. I mean, have you checked out “mountain-top removal”? Leveling complete mountains just to get to some coal is completely inexcusable. Mountains do not grow back! You can see the effects of mountaintop removal right now. Just because you can’t “see” our effects in climate change (besides the crazy record-breaking storms and tornadoes caused by excessive moisture combined with our heating planet) doesn’t mean you can’t feel it whenever you go outside and say “Oh shit, it’s really hot out here!” and run back in to the A/C to forget about how unbearable it is. Not to mention the rise of heat-related calls that our firefighters have to deal with. (Heat exhaustion, brush fires, etc….) Before you go into denial or comment back, it would be really nice if everyone were to get invasive to get answers from this site. Maybe when we stop combating ourselves between opinions we can work together to really make some progress into a better life and community. Thank you.”


I will say that I am happy for saying what I feel and hopefully at least one person will open their mind and choose to care. If not… I still feel good for saying how I feel. Haha! 😀


“Hope for the Best! Prepare for the Worst!”