Great March today.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to know how it felt to act like corporate news media and stir up your emotions. hehehe! Gotcha. ^_^!

We marched to the CHASE bank from the Pittman’s home today.

We need more drums.

The rhythm came soon enough and we began to feed off of each other’s energy.

No matter what, we are a family. Dysfunctional most of the time, but is there ever a family without a bit of dysfunction? Hehe.

We protested as ourselves. Freely. Expressing in our own distinct ways.

Respecting our differences.

Some people used the people’s mic to express themselves. Some stood back with their signs. Some had a prayer circle. Some stood by the street so the traffic could view their signs. And others banged on the windows along with the beat of the drums and whistles.

The police sat back and watched. The protest lasted until 6pm when the bank was scheduled to close. (Although, they closed and locked the doors before we came marching up.)



Whenever we left, even though a few things were left on the banks doorstep(like a couch, some signs taped to the side of the building, a big orange cone, among other things), the police isolated some stragglers as the rest of the Occupy protesters were marching back to the Pittman family’s home. Two motorcycle police followed them and arrested them. Just them two.



Arrested for littering.

I find it to be of no coincidence that they singled out Tim Franzen and Shab.

And tonight was supposed to be Shab’s birthday party.

We were all going to celebrate it after the rally.

We see what you did there.