Journey: Occupy Nashville.

Reporting from the library across the street from the encampment.

Things don’t look so good.

The powers that be(crazy) have pushed a bill through to have the occupiers here evicted possibly tonight. Great time to come visit, right? ^_^! Hehehe!

Anyways, people have already gotten nervous about the possible arrests and have packed up and moved on. I’m told that things did not look this way even just two days ago. Supposedly, new laws set in place have made it worse for people arrested. They say you face a year in jail. >.<!

As I know absolutely no one here and planned to Occupy the site for a week, my future is cloudy and uncertain, but I checked the weather before I came out here and this week is going to be sunny.

People are not very optimistic as the time approaches to face the forces, yet my words are not falling on deaf ears.

I’ve told them that they are one of the very few encampments left and they should not give up hope. I’ve told them that they should ready the livestream for whatever happens. I want them to know that people WILL be watching.

I can definitely see why they are nervous and hesitant, though.

Their site is right at the capitol. Below their tents is a police training facility. It’s an intense place to be, but they have been here since October 7th.

I can try to help them with what I have experienced throughout the past couple of months, but I will not be the reason that anyone goes to jail or is treated violently by the police.

There is a lot of nervous tension and even the weather became foggy, cloudy, and thick while I was walking from megabus to here.

We will just have to see what happens, but for now I’m going to make my way back over there and try to get them to start planning and set up the livestream and what to do when they are come for…

If there is any way possible, let everyone you know in on what is happening here and send some encouragement to these occupiers. They need hope and solidarity more than ever, and NOW.

~Love Kimlee




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