Occupy the Night.

I’m so excited

I’m elated.

We’re so united.

We’re related.

There was so much bull shit

and we ate it.

I’m now too busy

to be jaded.

My heavy heart has


This moment in time

that won’t be faded

or dissipated.

Have you weighed it?

We can chill all night

and debate it.

We will stop being


Misjudged and



I can clearly 

state it.


The people are too big to fail.

There aren’t enough prisons or jails.

Arrest us again and we’ll bring you twice the hell.

I’d even be nice enough to let the bankers share my cell.


If only our system was that swell.

We wouldn’t have to turn the 1% so pale.

By taking the streets and giving a yell.

They try to stifle us to no avail.

We know they’re really quite so frail.

So, leave your bars and leave your ale,

and like I said, LET’S GIVE EM HELL!















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