Exposing the people that Murdered My Brother.

WARNING!: This particular blog post contains intense pictures that may be disturbing to some people. I apologize, but I feel it is necessary for people to get the full effect of this story.



My brother was killed by police.

Here are some news stories on it:




These articles were my first exposure to the blatant lies and false stories of the media outlets.

It was particularly difficult to deal with the ignorant comments that people were trolling on the sites.

It was rough to see my sister feeding the trolls and trying to inform them of the truth and see how hard people were clinging to the stories that they just read and having no respect for the family and their loss.

It was a very difficult time in my life.

I was a slave to my job and it cost me my health.

I had just spent two weeks out of work for Shingles and was trying to de-stress when that crazy night came about.

I’d been hanging out with my brother, Michale and he left my house to head back to my mom’s place.

About thirty minutes after he left, he called me.

“Hey, I can’t get to the house. There are a bunch of police cars blocking the way with all their lights on. I think it has something to do with Erik”

I called my mom to see what was going on.

Me – “Hey, Mom, Michale said there are a bunch of cop cars outside blocking his way.”

Mom – “Yeah, tell him to stay there with you. Police shoot someone…”

Me – “Mom, he’s already there. He’s trying to get home. He said he thinks it involves Erik.”

When my mom realizes that the police might involve Erik, she abruptly hands the phone over to my brother, Willie. Willie tells me that they heard a bunch of gun shots and when they went to look outside, the police were at their front door and yelled at them to stay inside.

They got off of the phone with me so they could talk to the police and find out what happened.

I was left miles away to wonder.

So, the story is that the police were pulling a lady over for speeding. Which by the way, the officer never wrote her a ticket. He said he heard my brother yelling up on the hill. So, the officer went up there without finishing his business and called for backup. He went to “investigate” and as the news stories claim, he went to the door and my brother was said to have struck him with a hammer in the neck.

So the police shot him.

That’s the story.

My mom lived right next door.

Close proximity trailer park.

Don’t judge.

So, she heard the seven shots.

Yes. Seven.

That is one of the things that I don’t get.

Why was he shot seven times?

All the way around.

Aren’t police not supposed to shoot people from behind?


My mom said everything seemed really fishy.

At first, I thought she was just distraught because she heard the gunshots and it was her  third son that died. Second son killed.

I thought she was creating all these assumptions and ideas.

She gathered up all of the evidence that they would give her.

I didn’t want to hear any of it.

I didn’t know what to believe.

Until one day, she showed me the pictures.



Wasn’t he at the door when he was said to have hit the officer with the hammer?


Why was he shot in the back?

And furthermore…


why is he wearing handcuffs?


Do officers always shoot people seven times all the way around and even in the back for attacking with a hammer? How could he have been shot in the back if he was at the front door attacking outwards?


None of this makes any sense or even matches up with what the police said or the news.

Even more interesting, they waited to give us the police video and for some reason, about ten minutes in, the audio cuts out for the rest of the video. Audio at the beginning and none after about ten minutes. How weird is that?

I can only tell when there is a gun shot because a dog seen snooping around tucks his tail between his legs and runs full speed off and into the distance.

There were about 9 witnesses. In this neighborhood, everyone knows everyone’s business.

Each one of the witnesses are now in jail on petty drug charges or the main one, a lady my mom had to track down, is now in a mental facility.

This lady told my mom that she thought it was her son, because police killed her other son. So she hid in the bushes and saw the whole thing. She says something to the effect of the police putting handcuffs on him and putting him down on his knees and shooting him. But, I don’t know her story… I haven’t been able to talk to her. She was so terrified of what she saw, that she left town and went into hiding. I’m not sure how or why she ended up in a mental facility.

My mom tried to sue the police.

She wanted me to help her, but I was in the middle of a touchy situation.

It turns out that the officer that shot my brother was my boyfriend at the time’s battalion chief.

He saw this guy on a regular basis.

I didn’t want to cause any trouble and I thought my mom could handle it herself while I was trying to get into college.

The first lawyer she had took her money and dicked her around for a year.

Told her he couldn’t take the case.

The second lawyer talked a big game and took thousands of dollars of her money, too.

A month before her two year period to sue the police was up, he told her he couldn’t do it.

Who is going to take a case like this with a month left?

No one.

They left my mom high and dry.

This is all she ever talks about.

Every single day.

It’s rough to be around her.

She’s been through so much, and I have no idea where to begin to try and help her.

So, I started here.

I’ve been somewhat afraid to tell this story.

I wanted it to be huge when we chose to expose these police.

I wouldn’t feel endangered for telling an honest story and asking for justice and answers.

But I can’t wait any longer.

I need this to be out there.

It’s been three years and not a day goes by where my mom doesn’t bring it up.


She’s lost her mom, husband, and three children now. Not to mention, she heard the seven gunshots that killed her son right next door.

The lawyers thought she was just some dumb asian woman that they could sap some money out of and get away with it. I guess they didn’t count on her remaining children to pick up the pieces and investigate.

They don’t know that I used to want to be a CSI.

My mom knows, though.

She brought all the evidence to me almost begging for me to look through it.

Once it started to feel fishy, I couldn’t turn away.

I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I couldn’t deny her.

These are the police that were involved in the shooting:


Officer Casandra Baxter


Officer Stephen Copeland


Officer William Honea

Here is the damage done from the hammer:




Here is the damage done to my brother:




Again, I apologize for the intense images. I just want everyone to see what I have seen and see for themselves how crazy this is.

My brother lived an interesting life.

He was the first of us kids to graduate highschool.

He used to work for IBM.

He loved putting computers together for fun.

He was very smart.

Here are some better pictures of him.

Before he was murdered.



Here with one of my cousins.



Here with my sister.





Here with his daughter.




What am I left to do?

And what am I supposed to think?

What now?

66 thoughts on “Exposing the people that Murdered My Brother.

  1. What are you to do? Stand up and speak the truth. Keep talking. Write, paint, tell it a million ways. Truth is like water…you can’t live without it, it permeates everything, and it can wear down mountains.

      1. I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost a loved one to the hands of a cop.we are trying to firgure out who we can get to help.Sbi turned it over to the DA.

  2. You are in a very delicate position right now, Kimlee! If you hang on to it, it will eat you alive, If you let it go, you will have to live with that also! If you talk to any other legal Team, NLG, you may get some professional Advice for free….. They are the ones representing us in our Occupy case, for free! I know this is very hard and I wont patranize you by saying i know how you feel! (I also lost a brother to gunfire!) If you can forgive these people, it will help heal you, the pain will not go away, otherwise! You are looking for closure, i cannot see any, unless some atty, took this on Pro pono…. Spirituality is very important to be able to move on, after and injustice of this magnitude! God Bless!!!

      1. I have dealt with it these past few years, not by forgiving them, but by knowing they will get what they deserve if they were in the wrong. Karma.

  3. This is horrible, I’m so sorry for your family.
    I want to ask you two things if I may:
    1. There’s only a two year window to sue? What about the fact that you have this evidence that doesn’t add up?
    And more importantly:
    2. If you got the police video… shouldn’t you have the answers? Doesn’t that bring to light how everything played out?

    This is so upsetting. These people are supposed to be protecting us. I’ll be praying for you.

    1. I’m asking the same question you just asked first. As for the second one, the video is shitty. It shows nothing and for some reason, the sound cuts out after a few minutes. It’s on the dash of the police car and it isn’t pointed towards the house.

      1. There were two other police cars, where are their videos? They are required to have them on any time they get a call.

      2. Have you thought about possibly having the audio analyzed by some kind of expert? I’m not sure if this might be beyond your means, but I would think if it were altered there would be some trace of that. After re-reading your post, it isn’t entirely clear whether you intend to actively investigate this or not. If that’s your intention, then don’t let anyone dissuade you. I don’t know the law, but I would think you have some right to view autopsy reports, the GBI investigation report, the original police report etc. That seems like that would be the place to start. Handcuffing him after shooting him doesn’t seem entirely implausible, but if he was handcuffed after he was already dead the autopsy report probably wouldn’t note any marks on his wrists from the handcuffs. I’m sorry about your brother.

      3. Thanks. Yeah, I’m going to help my mom do everything I can to get this story out and get a real investigation done. I’m about to read the autopsy report and GBI report now. My mom has a little trouble figuring this stuff out so I will do what I can to try. I’m sure his daughter is going to want answers, too. I was wondering what could be done about the video we have. And if we could get the other videos if they exist.

      4. Very sorry for the loss of your brother.

        1. Have you asked the police why your brother was handcuffed? Was this mentioned in the police report?

        2. Have you asked about the missing audio? If there was more than one officer there each one of them should be wearing a recording device. Have to tried filing a Freedom of Information Act request about the case?

        3. Was there an autopsy done? If so did it confirm he was shot in the back? Have you asked the police to explain the gunshots to the back?

        4. How far was this from the house?

        5. Do you or your family recognize the hammer?

        6. Have you contacted the media with these pics? Where did the pics come from?

        7. Have you tried contacting the ACLU?

  4. well, the truth will come out…Maybe on their deathbeds, maybe in court the dirty cops will confess. Maybe. Maybe we can still do something about these assholes. Plenty of lawyers working pro-bono. Or, we can go at it from the grassroots side. Talk to local news. Get a petition signed. Picket the police station. Occupy could be willing to pick up the banner on this one.

    If these cops are rotten, it impacts everybody. Gotta get rid of them.

    1. Gotta love Occupy. Can’t do it legally, get Occupy involved. Bringing injustices to light since 2011. I’m going to put forth all the evidence that I can find and see what can be done.

      1. Oh it can be done legally, if you are a millionaire! They run these cases through their own court system without notifying the family of any of it. Then tell you their decision after the fact. If you disagree, you have to find a way to pay tens or hundreds of thousands in court fees to fight it.

  5. Wait I’m confused. Please forgive me for not fully understanding, but Kimlee, is this a friend of yours or you that is the sister? This is extremely disturbing. I’m just trying to understand a little more after I read this.

  6. Even /if/ and I’m strongly stressing if your brother went after an officer with a hammer, the Police still seriously jumped the gun. I’m not a fan of tasers, but they could have used them, unless they weren’t equipped with them. //Even /then///, I’ve taken Aikido for two and a half years. I’ve trained with cops, this is what they’re well trained to use in the event of hand to hand combat situations. //If// your brother did have a hammer, I could have easily disarmed them. If I could have, so could some of the cops I’ve trained with that I’ve been there for 5+ years and have a brown belt. Either of these options would leave your brother alive today.. If you can’t prove beyond a doubt that the police shot your brother and were negligent in doing so, then if they shot him, you can pretty much say that they wouldn’t necessarily have exhausted all other options. I was born and raised in Georgia, but I’m not familiar with Georgia laws in this regard. What is the police protocol for the use of deadly force?

    1. The police consider a hammer a deadly weapon, therefore, they may use deadly force to combat deadly force. The key word is “may”. Three good cops would NOT have shot SEVEN times to disarm a person that was running with a hammer.

      1. But when you think about it, 7 shots between 3 officers is not a lot at all… That’s one initial shot, then two more from each officer. Two bullets from each officer firing at the same time and one more from one if the 3. So when you think about a guy attacking someone with a deadly weapon, is 2 bullets really a lot? No.. Specially if they are trained to eliminate a threat using deadly force. If there was a forth officer it would have been 9 shots, etc etc..

  7. One more quick thing, I just read one other part. I think it’s pretty standard protocol to disarm a subject and get the weapon away, which would explain why the hammer has such a distance from your brother’s body. Also, isn’t it also standard protocol to handcuff a subject even if he’s mortally wounded? Again, I don’t know, I’m not familiar with Georgia Laws in this regard. /But/, even if all this is still true, it does seem your brother was shot in the back. Which.. definitely raises suspicions.

    1. I believe you are correct about it being standard protocol to handcuff a subject once they are down. I was also told this by some “GOOD” police officers. Another thing that was strange is that the hammer had no finger prints on it at all, but had a lot of blood on it.

    2. If a subject has been proven to be a threat to anothers life, the police are to eliminate the threat.. Even if he is fleeing or running away hence in the back.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. The fact that they edited out the sound for part of the video sounds very incriminating to me. There is no statute of limitations for murder.

      1. You can cut and trim the video with simple video editing software like Microsoft movie maker. Normal youtube accounts only let you upload 5mins of video but you can change your youtube license (for free) so that you can upload videos of up to an hour i believe. did it with my account not too long ago. If you need more help let me know and i can find a detailed link that explains the process.

  9. I’m so sorry that your brother was murdered by those pigs!! The internet is amazing these days and I think something positive will come out of this. Keep posting the names of the pigs, which police dept it was and with their pictures all over the internet and social networks. I hope Anonymous or some other hackers mess with them and find you very important information that can lead to the arrest of those dirty fat pigs. Love and Light❤

  10. Also me and some others were going to try and start researching the law more to better educate ourselves in future court cases. I have a fancy book that might be able to help. If you can bring me a flash drive i can give it to you.

    1. Awesome! ^_^! Anyone want to help me brainstorm through this paperwork? I have already made a clay man with toothpicks for bullet trajectory using the autopsy report. It’s definitely looking like he was on the ground or below the police for most of the gunshots. especially the ones in the back.

      1. I’m down. Sorry I’m replying to this so late. My pc is on the fritz. Just text or call me if you need help with anything. I don’t know much but tomorrow I’ll always be smarter

  11. Kimlee, I remember this like it was yesterday. It was all over the news and then nothing. My heart hurts for you and your family.. If there is anything I can do please just holler at me. I am willing to take a look at the autopsy report if you would like. I have some animal medical training that might help with some things you might not understand. HUGS

  12. They gave you a COPY of the original tape, how does a vid lose audio while being copied? They send the video and audio to the copy device as separate feeds then unplug then audio where they want it to go silent.

  13. You did the right thing to share that with us. Most of us aren’t saying anything but most of us would like to know the right way to tell you how much we love you right now.

  14. What you feel now is personal pain. Allow that personal pain to drive you through the process of radicalization. Don’t calm down. Don’t get over it. Call this thing out. The name is OPPRESSION. Unless you resist it, the rest of your life energy will be consumed. Why your brother? No, why YOU? Because you can feel & care, and because you can write & broadcast this story. We all need to know how “the least of these my children” are being oppressed. And you, let your emotional path take you through all the sadness and regret and grief, and then keep going till you get to the TEARS OF RAGE that give you POWER. Your RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION is the only way the great evil that killed your brother can be vanquished. You’re not there yet. But don’t let these people soothe you into a calm acceptance of your fate. That advice will just enforce your Obedience Training, so you can cease to be an irritant to these Oppressors & get back to your regularly scheduled programming as a submissive wage-slave. NO. JUST SAY NO. Instead: Earn your bones by documenting this case. Then the next time they pull this stunt with somebody else’s brother, the ppl who cared about him will contact you so you can use your hard-won skills to publish THAT story too. Do good work & carry on. It is your fate, your destiny, for this crime to forge the character that will strengthen you and the rest of us too by your example. We may not win, after all, but we DESERVE to win.

  15. Have you contacted the ACLU?
    I am so sorry for your loss. Your brother looks like a wonderful person.

  16. I am so devistated by this horror you & your family are going through. You are doing the right thing. I don’t know what I can do to help but I will put out links to this story every where online I go. I hope someone who can help will step up. I am so sorry.

  17. Here is where I would start if I were you.

    I would file an open records request against these gang bangers, and see if they have a pattern of violence. First and foremost find their disciplinary records, but also any other information provided under open records laws. Like most criminal piece of shit, at least one of them undoubtedly will have sustained complaints for brutality, but most likely all of them will.

    In the state of GA, these records are available freely (meaning anyone can get them, but you’d probably have to pay a recovery fee which isn’t usually much). Assuming that these assholes have a history of brutality – again, very likely – there’s a number of ways I would go about this.

    My first idea is to write a simple pamphlet for each cop that has a history of brutality, outlining in a clear concise fashion their crimes, their penchant for criminal activity. The purpose of the pamphlet is to put the neighborhood “on notice” that an extremely dangerous person lives near them. This is protected free speech as long as you do not exaggerate facts. I’d go to Kinko’s a copy 500 of them. Their addresses would be readily available in Spokeo.

    Before you canvas their neighborhoods, make another site. Not a wordpress. Something that seeks “social action.” The shocking photos are good. The page should be pleasing to the eye, and have no more than one paragraph overview (with a link for the full story). Under the paragraph are the photos, and underneath that a “call to action” where they can contact the local news outlets with a single link. Set up a Facebook group/like page too, use all the social media tools you can. Try to put pressure on local news media to cover it.

    My second idea is to just go to WSBTV or something similar and say, “Look, I have proof that these cops have a history of violence. And they murdered my brother. Will you do a human interest story on this?” There are a number of “shock reporters” that do things like this; WSBTV especially seems to like to out bad cops so they would be your best bet.

    Once you build public awareness, you use it to put pressure on the DA to press charges against these pieces of shit.

    If you really eat your wheaties each morning for breakfast, try to find the victims of their previous abuse and see if they would be willing to come forward or be interviewed.

    Honestly, if this was my brother, I’d have a hard time to not just kill the cops. But I cannot condone that; that would be illegal.

    Honestly I hate all cops (yes all of them) and I’m willing to help possibly destroy any asshole gang banger’s life that I can. The fact that these fucking animals are psychopathic murderers makes me even more bloodthirsty. I have server space, Spokeo, knowledge of open records laws (though my help will be limited since I’m not a lawyer) and would be willing to help however I can. My email is attached to this, send me a message if you want.

    1. Thank you for all of the info. I’ll check into all of this when I get the chance. There is actually a document in all of this evidence that says that Honea was suspended or something 6 months before the event. Treatment for PTSD or something. I’ll have to look into that more, too.

  18. I’m really sorry to hear about your loss, I hope to god that you find some resolution to this for your own sake. More of police corruption is being reported its really scary to think what is going on with the legal system. I hope you get through this and that you have enough support from the people around you as this would be very hard to deal with:(

  19. we are with you! everyone who comments here should post this blog every fucking were over the net.. on the police forums & every social media site that there is.. make videos of it!.. & tell them to expect us!

    1. could you help us ? my boyfriend was murdered by a cop in june 2012.He pulled him over for suspion of dui his story was that my boyfriend pulled a gun on him so he shot him. but the evendence shows different.the sbi truned it over to the da.The cop in question has be reinstated in another county.We need to know who we can get to help we have a petiton on charge.org and a facebook page for him any help will be appreicatied

  20. Have you contacted change.org and moveon.org to start a petition?

    They always get things done because they can disseminate information out to so many people all at once. The Trayvon Martin thing first started as a petition on change.org.

  21. That’s straight up and down left to right a SH#T FU@K TON of Bull Sh#T and I’ll pray every chance I get for Something close to justice being served. Can’t pray for true, Full and Well Justice because they can’t un-do this. Prayers…

  22. Don’t expect much by personally getting in touch with the FBI or any legal bodies. The best way to get them active in an investigation is to get in touch with national news media outlets. If you can get your story told on television, someone in the government will start asking question for you.

  23. Sorry for your loss I understand it…I lost my brother May 19th, 2012 at a family party by some stranger who came to the party showing his ass and beating up his girlfriend he also had a gun. My brother was slaughtered in front of the family and It’s strange because the police gave him back the gun that was shot off a few weeks before my brother was murdered. If they only would have kept it and done the job that needed to be done I may still have John with me. It has been tough that man blew out my brothers chest and I cannot believe it. I go to the trial Aug. 9th in Little Rock at 8:30 and I hope our family get’s the justice we deserve. My brother was a great man and he is missed dearly. I will pray for u and your whole family.

  24. I do understand your pain please do not stop fighting. Pray everyday in let god direct you to who supposed to help you. Trust your faith and he will help you I promise

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