“So… What are you going to do…?”




I get asked this question a lot.

To be honest, it kind of bothers me.


Any big life adventures that I partake in have never started out with people asking me in a very concerned tone of voice… what am I going to do.



So now because I’m going to be having a baby and raising the child, they are concerned with how I’m going to do it?


I have always loved a good challenge.

And this is no different than that.


Everyone has a different experience raising a child. The way I see it, if you continue to think of your life as your life then you have not realized that your life should become “our” life. 

This is perfect timing for me.


I’m ecstatic about bringing up a member of the next generation.

I get to teach this lovely child how to grow food and raise animals and the importance of both.

I get to help develop an untouched mind into the fullest potential.

I always wanted to become a teacher after I was done with all of my crazy adventures and now I get to be even more. I get to be someone’s mother.

The best kind of teacher!





I’m sure that most of the concern comes from my lack of financial stability and my intense disgust for money, but I’m not some sort of hippie that is going to be a stick in the mud and not work or something if my baby need something. Whatever you do… Just don’t waste your time assuming anything at all about me. I can handle myself. I can handle life. I can handle the adventure that is raising a beautiful baby.


If it makes you feel any better, I won’t be doing it alone for the first few months. 

I’ll be staying with some family and getting into a system of recooping after the birth and figuring out as much as I can about my little one. You have no idea how excited I am about this. As a person that never sleeps, I can’t wait to be up all night if that’s the case. ^_~!


Sometimes I think about the life that I’m bringing this baby into.

I get excited about it!

There is not one right way to live your life and the same goes for anything else.

I don’t want my kid to have the upbringing expected in this day and age.

I want to introduce him/her to the awesome things that I was brought up on as a child.

Like playing outdoors, and creating things. As opposed to having every toy bought and made in China.

Nature, animals, art, relationships with other people. I want this kid to grow up knowing what’s most important in life. Not tv, or constant videogames, or doing whatever society expects of you.

Anyone that has a problem with this can (as my mom would say) kiss my ass!


Human beings have been raising children since we’ve been around. Some are very terrible at it. 

I mean, I am drug free, I don’t drink, and I have no psychological disorders.

I shouldn’t be looked down upon because I don’t have millions of dollars.

Realize that not everyone lives the same way or thinks the same way that you do.

I am grateful that my childhood was so insanely crazy. I used to be pretty upset about it as most people are, but I don’t hold onto it as a weight dragging me down. I look back for experience. I can make sure that my kid never has to go through some of the things that I had to go through.




What am I going to do…?


I am going to have a beautiful lovely baby.

I’m going to love him/her more than you can fathom.

I am going to make sure that society doesn’t corrupt my baby’s soul.

And we’re going to live happily ever after in spite of your worries.

So, please focus on what you can do in your own life and leave me to my own.

Thank you. ❤ 

Peace & much Love!






Don’t Let These Things Continue!

The police are really getting out of hand. Don’t let them sweep this one under the rug. There is no excuse for this! They are trying to buy video footage from people now. What does that tell you? Share this with everyone you know.




First Nightmare in a While

It ended with me dropping to my knees in horror at the scene before me.

Calling out to my “Daddy”, who has been dead since I was five…

How did it begin?

Like my latest dreams of exploration and adventure as of late.

A few occupiers getting together for a trip to some national convergence to share ideas and meet complete strangers and spread happiness and knowledge.

Although, this time we met in the red brick city building…

I realize now, it was a building from the two worst nightmares I ever had in my youth.


There were soldiers in formation all around the city.

It seemed normal enough.

They would march around with their guns at their shoulders and bayonets at the tip.

They would order us off the sidewalks while marching by and we would oblige until they passed.

One day there was a shooting down the street.

Since the convergence was in town, the public blamed the Occupiers for the killing.

Even though crazy people kill people every day…

It had nothing to do with us and our peaceful meeting.

The last day of our gathering, there was chaos all around us.

The soldiers and government officials came to the building and told us to “get our people indoors”.

We were locked in for “our safety”… “our protection”…

This building was around eight stories high.

Each floor crammed with people from all over.

We tried to continue on our main events, but there was no room and we were all very concerned.

I went to the highest floor where I found the brick walls had fallen away in some places.

Exposing the city and the gray sky.

Everyone was trying to watch something happening in the streets.

There was a television set barking off exactly what was happening on the streets below us.

Some watched the tv.

Others stared in horror out of the giant holes where the bricks should have been.

People started pushing each other in the crowded room.

A few soldiers were in the group of people, pushing and smiling gleefully at the amount of pain they were causing some individuals.

We’d been infiltrated by chaos-causing government employees.

One even dressed in a big blue furry mascot costume claiming to be “Mr. Radical”. Making a mockery of us, of course.

The tv turned off and people thinned out.

Most of them went down the stairs to escape the confusion.


I walked over to look out beyond the brick wall and found myself to be horrified along with the others.

There were bodies all over the streets.

Some had been deceased longer than others.

But the people alive down below were soldiers and regular people trying to clean up the mess somehow.

Scrambling to make all the dead bodies disappear.

Pausing every few moments to grab their faces and scream out in an indescribable emotion.

They didn’t want to touch the dead bodies for fear of a more concrete reality on the matter.

So they all had pitchforks.

I stared in horror at them…

Them… not knowing what else to do but continuously stab the bodies and cry out while the streets began to flood with a river of blood.

I found myself slowly dropping to my knees, while I watched a man attempting to cover older bodies with fresh new ones because he was tired of looking at them.

I called out for my absent father until I awoke.

I try to shake the dream and its content from my head, but it had so much meaning behind it.

Symbolic undertones.

So vivid.

I could even feel the air in the dream.

Fresh, cold, and wet like it’d just rained.


I need to make some tea…


NatGat videos in order!



I took a lot of footage at the Occupy National Gathering!

I didn’t want to skimp on all the gloriousness of the trip, so I kept most of the video and didn’t really cut anything out. I like the Cloverfield vibe at the end. Haha! It’s just the truth of what happened.



Occupy Atlanta goes to NatGat Part 1


Flat Tire, Full Spirit


Music on the Occupy Atlanta Bus


Arriving in Philadelphia!


Welcome to the Occupy National Gathering!


#BankSleep Night One of NatGat.


Some Philadelphia History…


the Liberty Bell


Visiting Veterans and Franklin Square


Matt Taibbi talks about the Libor Scandal at NatGat


Enjoying NatGat Day Two


NatGat Day Three!


the Wells Fargo Financial Circus


The Wells Fargo Circus Continues


A Surprise at the End


Tax Dodgers vs. the 99%!


Beautiful People & A Puppet Show!


NatGat – Beginning of the July 4th March!


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 2


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 3


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 4


NatGat – July 4th – Surrounded by Police


There’s more to the story, but I consolidated all the videos into 30 – 20 minute parts and have yet to add the rest to youtube. I’ll edit this blog as I do and add them to it. ^_^!


Peace ❤




Why Do I Continue to Fight?

After people found out that I became pregnant, a lot of them have been concerned for me.

Some people don’t understand why I am still travelling and living the life that I do.

Some expect me to give up and let others do the occupying.




Why do I fight?


Because there is an unborn member of the next generation growing inside of my belly.

I don’t want to ingest genetically modified foods or contaminated water from hydraulic fracking and if you are what you eat, what would that mean for my baby?


Because our education system is failing and our schools are being closed as our teachers are being furloughed. I don’t mind educating my child myself, but what about the rest of the children growing up?


Because people like my brother have been met with extreme police brutality and have been killed or seriously injured. As well as fellow protesters that are only asking for a better world for everyone.


Because voting is like drinking one can of SlimFast and saying that you went on a diet.


Because people like my mom have lost their homes due to government budget cuts and immigration issues.


Because veterans like my dad did not fight for this kind of country.


Because we are destroying the Earth and all of the animals that inhabit it.

How do I explain that to my child? What animals are going to be left to teach him/her about?

Mass extinctions are happening now.


Because I’d rather take my kid to see the world and its natural habitats than to Disneyland, but I’m afraid that the latter will be the only option by the time I am able to. 

How do I explain mountaintop removal to a child?

“We blew up the mountains with dynamite to get some coal to power a few more television sets”?

Sure… the ash choked up streams and polluted the landscape causing lung problems and undrinkable water for the locals… Plus, the animals that lived there will need to find a new mountain to live on… but the corporations have a lot of money and money makes the world go ’round, honey.




Because I want my child to know that I tried. That I cared. That I helped.

I want my baby to know that I didn’t sit idly by and watch it all happen.

I want him/her to know that I didn’t change the channel.

In fact, we’re doing this together!


Because not only are we one, sharing one body for now…

But we are ALL one.


Like cells in the body, we work together for the fate of the entire being.

We comprise the fate of the Earth.

And if you are not helping…

You’re a cancer cell.


So, why do you fight? Or choose not to?


What do you… or will you tell your kids and/or the next generation?


Think about it.


Peace. ❤