Why Do I Continue to Fight?

After people found out that I became pregnant, a lot of them have been concerned for me.

Some people don’t understand why I am still travelling and living the life that I do.

Some expect me to give up and let others do the occupying.




Why do I fight?


Because there is an unborn member of the next generation growing inside of my belly.

I don’t want to ingest genetically modified foods or contaminated water from hydraulic fracking and if you are what you eat, what would that mean for my baby?


Because our education system is failing and our schools are being closed as our teachers are being furloughed. I don’t mind educating my child myself, but what about the rest of the children growing up?


Because people like my brother have been met with extreme police brutality and have been killed or seriously injured. As well as fellow protesters that are only asking for a better world for everyone.


Because voting is like drinking one can of SlimFast and saying that you went on a diet.


Because people like my mom have lost their homes due to government budget cuts and immigration issues.


Because veterans like my dad did not fight for this kind of country.


Because we are destroying the Earth and all of the animals that inhabit it.

How do I explain that to my child? What animals are going to be left to teach him/her about?

Mass extinctions are happening now.


Because I’d rather take my kid to see the world and its natural habitats than to Disneyland, but I’m afraid that the latter will be the only option by the time I am able to. 

How do I explain mountaintop removal to a child?

“We blew up the mountains with dynamite to get some coal to power a few more television sets”?

Sure… the ash choked up streams and polluted the landscape causing lung problems and undrinkable water for the locals… Plus, the animals that lived there will need to find a new mountain to live on… but the corporations have a lot of money and money makes the world go ’round, honey.




Because I want my child to know that I tried. That I cared. That I helped.

I want my baby to know that I didn’t sit idly by and watch it all happen.

I want him/her to know that I didn’t change the channel.

In fact, we’re doing this together!


Because not only are we one, sharing one body for now…

But we are ALL one.


Like cells in the body, we work together for the fate of the entire being.

We comprise the fate of the Earth.

And if you are not helping…

You’re a cancer cell.


So, why do you fight? Or choose not to?


What do you… or will you tell your kids and/or the next generation?


Think about it.


Peace. ❤





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