NatGat videos in order!



I took a lot of footage at the Occupy National Gathering!

I didn’t want to skimp on all the gloriousness of the trip, so I kept most of the video and didn’t really cut anything out. I like the Cloverfield vibe at the end. Haha! It’s just the truth of what happened.



Occupy Atlanta goes to NatGat Part 1


Flat Tire, Full Spirit


Music on the Occupy Atlanta Bus


Arriving in Philadelphia!


Welcome to the Occupy National Gathering!


#BankSleep Night One of NatGat.


Some Philadelphia History…


the Liberty Bell


Visiting Veterans and Franklin Square


Matt Taibbi talks about the Libor Scandal at NatGat


Enjoying NatGat Day Two


NatGat Day Three!


the Wells Fargo Financial Circus


The Wells Fargo Circus Continues


A Surprise at the End


Tax Dodgers vs. the 99%!


Beautiful People & A Puppet Show!


NatGat – Beginning of the July 4th March!


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 2


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 3


NatGat – July 4th March – Part 4


NatGat – July 4th – Surrounded by Police


There’s more to the story, but I consolidated all the videos into 30 – 20 minute parts and have yet to add the rest to youtube. I’ll edit this blog as I do and add them to it. ^_^!


Peace ❤





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