August something or other…


              like a beggar with my cup,

     I ask people to fill it up.

                   with inspiration

                               and determination.

     To help me repair this un-united nation.

        I bathe in contemplation

                    and seek elation

                           while remaining complacent.

Complacent in my doubts.

     Inside my head I shout


  Can I get a friendly amendment to my


     No takers. Only movers and shakers.

              I stand still here.

                      barely alive.

     While everything flows past me.

               and I survive..Image


2 thoughts on “August something or other…

  1. Great poem. I like the way the forward movement of traveling is reflected in the formal layout of the piece (I’m a fanatic for formal structuring), and I like the way that at the beginning of the poem you’re the one moving as you beg for spiritual alms, being ultimately ignored, and at the end of the poem you’re standing still and forlorn as a sea of apathetic everythingness travels past you. A difficult message. A true message. A great poem.

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