Happiness is a choice.

I forget this often when the chaos gets to be too much,

but I remember now.


It takes a good friend and a rope tied around your waist,

but you can be pulled back from the edge.


     Times are tough and getting tougher for everyone. My mom is becoming weary from being homeless and I can tell that she’s losing it daily. 😦 I can only offer her a couch to sleep on whenever I’m in town and for this reason, I may stay home from events in Atlanta more often so she can have a place to stay.


I keep feeling like it’s the end of the world and losing sight of the future and its possibilities. >.<!


I’m trying so hard to slow down my life and get into a new rhythm of living since I’m going from wild adventures and Occupy events to being weak and having a cute little baby on the way. I’m definitely not used to “slowing my roll”. I’m completely impatient and antsy. I’m still not even used to being in the same place or at home for more than three days at a time. It drives me crazy. I’m sure most people crave stability, but I’ve spent most of my life confined to a room and when I’m in one place for too long I begin to wonder if it’s by choice or not. Every time I get stuck somewhere out of state or in the city, I end up with so many ideas and lots of inspiration for when I return home. It’s addictive and lovely. ^_^!


I have to keep reminding myself that I need to focus on different aspects of my life for now and that this is only a temporary status. It’s so hard to remember that now. >.<! I need to just do what I can with what is in front of me and do it well. 


Right now I feel so strange for not being at the RNC in Tampa. The second major national Occupy action that I’ve missed intentionally. xP (I missed May Day due to the intense sickness brought on by my first trimester.) I’m most likely going to miss the DNC in Charlotte, too and go to DragonCon locally. So #S17 will be my last Occupy Adventure of the year. I still have to finish out my court dates, too! 


After all of this, I’m moving.


Only friends are to know about where I’m moving to, but I’m going to move in October or November. Unfortunately, it depends on my court dates and the city keeps causing them to be delayed because they don’t want to work with us.


So this is where my life is right now. 

In a planning phase of impatience. haha

I never plan things out.

Not even what I’m doing tomorrow.

But since I feel very limited on the things I can do right now, planning things makes me feel productive.


Also, OccuBaby has been moving around so much in my belly.

It’s so cute! I feel like I can’t wait to meet this kid and see him/her grow into someone beautiful.

My little buddy. ❤ Hehehe!


So, I know this post has probably been boring. But oh well.

I feel good in this moment and I’m so glad to have my head feel more clear than it has been recently.


I almost feel ready to really live again.

I’m choosing to be happy.

Sadness is as temporary as you make it.

And I don’t want to be sad anymore.


❤ Kimlee






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