Dear Local Friends, Family & Comrades

Today I received some news.

Some news that may not have changed much, but has sped things up in my life quite a bit.


A few of you may know already,
                                               but I’m moving.


I haven’t been to Atlanta much because I’ve been preparing in various ways.

Now that I’m moving sooner, I thought it would be nice to let everyone know.


I’m leaving around the 14th for New York to go to the Occupy Wall Street One Year Anniversary
                    …and I won’t be coming back. (Except for our Trials in October.)


I won’t be staying in New York, but I don’t necessarily want to disclose much more information on where I’m going and everything for now.


I just wanted everyone to know in case anyone is wondering why I haven’t been coming to hang out much or going to events in Atlanta.


Sincerely, Kimlee (AKA.: Cat Girl, Ears, Kitten, CatWoman, KittyCat, Cat Lady, AnarchoKitty, MeowMeow, etc…)




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