Today I Woke Up With Instant Regrets.

Before I even opened my eyes I could feel them swarming me.


“I miss my kitties.”

“I miss my puppy Zeus.”

“I shouldn’t have done this.”

“I should have done that.”


…but then I thought…


“Fuck that.”


There is no way I want to start a brand new day off with negative thoughts. So, I jumped in the shower and started singing. 


After some yummy breakfast I settled in front of my easel and tuned into Spotify to work on some paintings. I felt pretty good taking control of my thoughts and feelings and reminding them who the boss was. I finished two paintings and sold about seven online. It feels amazing to work on something you love and find people that appreciate your work and pay you for it. ^_^!


I don’t usually like money very much and try my best to do without it, but I’m going to start getting used to making it through my works as a musician and artist. I do this for the little one on the way. 😀 I’m going to start saving funds so we can have our awesome adventurous life together! 


Pretty soon my body was hurting me so I had to lay down and chill out, but I’ve been finding a lot of inspirational art online and funny stuff to entertain me. 😛 Now, I’m going to read some “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and “365 TAO” by Deng Ming-Dao before I invade the dreamworld for the night.


When your thoughts try to take over you, just take over your thoughts and scoff for a bit before you do a jig for no reason. Trust me. It works. And then you have the whole day to do and feel whatever the fuck you want. ^_^!


 Never forget that you draw the lines…


Peace & Much Love,






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