BackBurner, WorldTurner

I’m just a backburner, world turner.


Life goes on.

Without me?


Let’s put some music on.


The world spins and everyone wins

and loses depending on the things that that person chooses.

But idle time winds my idolizing mind into a knot.

I’m in the boiling pot.

Chaos ensues…

and when it’s done I pay the dues.


A sinister heart with sinister feelings

of shoddy romance and backroom dealings

I conspire against myself

and do it again and again as I regain my health.

You spread the wealth.

Tokens shower down on me all around me and crown me until

they drown me.

That’s where you found me.

Unbound me.

And then wound me up

So I could walk again.


Over and over I walk off the edge.

You wind me and set the path for me

to plunge happily

off the edge of this ledge in apathy.


Why do I let you?

Why do I let me?

Next time I go tumbling

Set me a net, please?


That heartless space in my chest begins to feel something.

Or nothing. Or something. Or nothing. 

Oh, it’s beating.

Me up inside…

My brain and my heart collide. 

What an unsustainable ride!

I sway left and right

and fear my loathing throughout the night.


I’m just a backburner, worldturner.

Oh, what a sight!




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