Dear Friends,

People in corporate media are saying the Occupy movement is dead or has fizzled out.

This makes me laugh, as I have seen all of the wonderful things being worked on as we speak.

Anytime you hear something like this, don’t fret.

I would recommend a nice bout of laughter before continuing on your progress.

Sure, we are learning to grow as a community on various levels, but at this point in time I’d like for you to look inwards.

Consider your life and self this time last year.

And see how far you have come as an individual and how much of your community you have touched or become a part of. Think of the times you’ve shared with others just like you that thought they were alone and all was hopeless. Sure, now things can be seen as hopeless if you dwell in that kind of thinking, but now we have met various people like us and made connections. We’ve shared experiences that most people will never even dream of in the society that is being built around us.

You know the one.

The one that tells everyone how they should think, look, and act.

Just the defiance to be so free as to keep standing and saying no.

We’ve been beaten, jailed, mocked, and ignored.

But we keep going, because once you get a taste of true freedom and you’ve felt the power of standing up for others, even strangers, and for what you believe in… complying with an unjust system that kills people, our planet, and ruins the beauty and true essence of life has faded as any sort of option.

Don’t think in hopelessness when you begin to feel like things have faded.

If you sit in a closet all day, you can’t expect to see the Sun.

Go out!

Take a walk or something.

Go to events and talk to people.

There is nothing more important than connecting with each other and building relationships.

We inspire each other.

And sometimes we need to be reinvigorated.

Go out in nature and remind yourself that it can’t fend for itself against the devastation being caused every day by other humans. We must protect the beauty of this world from ourselves if we hope to have anything left for our kids to see and live in.

The future generations depend on our ability to have Hope.

We must maintain our hope and just keep trying. The law of causality, or karma, will not let our efforts go unnoticed. Every little bit of our attempts makes a change. Even if you can’t see it or you never do. It’s worth it if your children get to see it.

So, I want you to think of how you’ve grown in this past year. How you and your life have changed.

Think about all of the beautiful connections you’ve made with total strangers.

Think of the moments where you felt the most defiant, free, and elated.

Think of the moments where people have mocked you to your face and you felt sorry that they couldn’t understand the love you’ve found or the freedom.

Don’t ever give up!

Even if you think we’re doomed… Would you rather die fighting or die as a person that gave up willingly.

This is the adventure of life.

Yeah it’s fucking hard sometimes.

But would you want to be a part of any other tale?

A more boring one, perhaps?

Don’t we watch these eccentric adventurous movies for the thrill of living in those moments and sometimes wishing our lives were that interesting?

Well, our lives are even more interesting.

We live in a struggle right now.

In this moment here.

And you can choose to be on the sidelines as background characters, villains, or you can be a hero that never stops. Especially, whenever everything seems hopeless and depressing.

Don’t we love those heroes?

Don’t we admire their persistence and determination?

Even whenever everything keeps piling up on top of them, we don’t want them to give up.

So why should we?

Everyone on this planet is born with the potential to be a hero.

It never fades.

At any moment, no matter what has happened to you. You have the ability to change the world for the better. In any way that you can. Find out what your love and passion is.

Don’t lose hope. Ever.

As a member of the human race, an Earthling on this planet, and a soon to be mother…

I’m counting on you.

We’re counting on you to realize your potential and true power.

We’re all spiritual beings trapped in these temporary bodies on this planet in these moments for a reason. That reason is to test our will. This is your adventure. Create it, define it, and don’t let it pass you by.


Live now.



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