Sen. Fort: City of Atlanta Stonewalls Occupy Defendants

Sen. Fort: City of Atlanta Stonewalls Occupy Defendants
ATLANTA (September 28, 2012) – Today, Senator Vincent Fort (D- Atlanta) attended an evidence and motion hearing for the individuals who were arrested in the Occupy Protests during October 2011.
“The City of Atlanta has repeatedly delayed compiling our requests for evidence against these Occupy protesters who were simply exercising their First Amendment right,” said Sen. Fort. “They are still withholding valuable evidentiary materials and have erased the police video which captured crucial footage of the peaceful protest last fall. The City has only now has begun to submit some of the documents that we requested at the beginning of the summer.”
Sen. Fort is calling on the City of Atlanta to be forthcoming with all evidence pertaining to this case. He has been involved with the Occupy Atlanta movement since its inception last year and will continue to be a vocal proponent of the defendants as this case proceeds.
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Sen. Vincent Fort is the Senate Minority Whip and represents the 39th Senate District which includesFulton County. He may be reached by phone at 404.656.5091404.287.7116 or by email

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