In this dream Occupy Atlanta was planning an event and we went out into this field to get everything ready. It was strange because it was more like we went out there to do landscaping.
The next day we all were to meet back in the same field and be ready for something.
A faceoff with the police was expected and when I began walking up, I noticed lots of police vehicles hidden in bushes with their lights flashing. I was running towards the center of everything while trying to dig my camera out. I was passing people and hearing conversations of all kinds and getting nervous that I couldn’t find my camera. (I no longer feel comfortable without it at protests…)
I got to the middle of the area and saw something fly over the building in front of me.
It was right overhead in front of my now and I looked up in time to realize that it was a drone!!
It shot something out at the ground in front of me and I tried to run!
It was some sort of egg shaped silver metallic projectile bigger than my fist and when it hit the ground, it inflated as a red balloon and bounced back up with more force and came straight towards me as a massive metal projectile again.
I tried to run and dodge but it hit me pretty hard on the left side of my skull.
At that point I just ran for it.

I kept running as far as I could away from where the drone was and it was shooting the strange ballooning and bouncing projectiles all over the field now with people scattering.
I ran around to the side of a building to where two of my occupy friends were and heard them betting that the police wouldn’t come around these sides through the chaos. There was a short wooden fence around this building and I looked up and saw the same drone had followed me there and it came down and tranformed into a massive Hawk. It was on the other side of the small wooden fence between us but the Hawk was a good bit taller than me and staring me down.
I tried to inch away and wouldn’t look at it directly while I was trying to tweet or text for help to someone. I didn’t know how to work the phone in my hands, though since it was my old Blackjack that I haven’t used in a long time.
As I was inching to the right, the huge bird kept inching with me on the other side of the fence and trying to get me to acknowledge it’s presence. It was still staring me down intimidatingly and it got so close that I almost couldn’t keep my head down pretending not to notice.
At that point the hawk reached its wing through the fence and pushed on my belly on the left side and at that same exact moment, Eeo pushed on my belly really hard in that spot!
So I immediately woke up.
It was so weird. It felt like the Hawk/Drone thing was threatening me.
And what was inside of my belly.

What a weird and terrible way to wake up…





Then I immediately found out that my favorite kitty had passed away. And saw this on Facebook.

>.<! Today sucks!




2 thoughts on “Waaaah!T a Day!

  1. I just read this whole thing on your dream and the kitty and all, got to admit, kinda freaky. and the part involving your upcoming baby; may be onto something.

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