My Life Story 2

          Shortly after my Daddy died, I had two of the worst nightmares that I have ever had in my life. Still to this day.

          In one of them, My cousin and one of my brothers had locked me in a basement. I was banging on the door and yelling for them to let me out and they were laughing and being amused and saying muffled things to me through the door. I was at the top of some wooden stairs and felt like there was something down at the bottom in the darkness behind me. I turned around and saw that there was a metal circular trash can with a green glow coming out of it. I watched as green glowing bones inside began to float and assemble themselves together and my Daddy was calling me from inside. I pounded at the door again but there was nothing. All of a sudden I turned around and couldn’t stop myself from walking down the steps towards the trash can at the bottom where the skeleton of my Daddy had formed and was growing meat. He was still calling for me as my body was walking toward him and I can’t remember the rest.

          The next day, I had another nightmare. In this one, I was running in the tall brick skyscraper from before and away from someone’s shadow chasing me. I ran into this room that was completely empty of everything except all of the walls and floor were soaked, doused and covered in blood and I could hear a lot of ticking in the next room. I slowly walked into the next room and it was spotless and the walls were eggshell white and there was a long row of clocks lining the wall. I stared in horror as each clock had the mounted head of each one of my family members on them and they were staring at me with their mouths wide open. The shadowed figure came into the room and that was either the end of the dream or I don’t remember the rest.

          I was very tired at school that week and I remember one of the other students, a blonde girl with blue eyes, told me not to worry and that the dreams would stop. I didn’t know this girl, never met her, and didn’t tell anyone about my dreams. So, I thought that was weird, but she was right. The nightmares stopped. I wanted to talk to her again and ask her how she knew I was having nightmares but she wasn’t in my class anymore. My teacher told me that she’d been in the wrong class.

          When my Daddy was alive, him and my Mom would alternate on going to work and taking care of us kids. After he passed away, she had to work all the time at the gas station and sometimes she would take one or two of us with her. It was boring being there, but my brother and I would find things to do. I used to daydream about robbers coming into the store that late at night and trying to rob my mom as I snuck up and saved the day somehow. I remember once, my mom went to the bathroom and I locked the door and waited for her. A police officer tried to come in and began to knock when he saw me. I stared at him and didn’t move. My mom came out and unlocked it for him and apologized, but he told her that it was smart that I didn’t let him in. When we got tired, we would just go sleep in her car until she was done. My Mom was always so tired from working third shift at the gas station, that she was always nodding off on the way driving home. Sometimes, I was thankful that we were with her because we could wake her up and make sure she didn’t wreck the car. This made me very nervous to think about when I didn’t go to work with her, though, and sometimes I used to pray to whatever God there was that she wouldn’t die while she was gone from the house. I would pray really hard and cry until I fell asleep on her bed.


(To Be Continued…)



My Mommy & I on my birthday.


3 thoughts on “My Life Story 2

  1. The instance with the blonde girl was both eerie and beautiful simoustaneously. I wonder a lot about situations like that. When strangers know things that they should never know and they help you with a problem only to dissapear never to be seen again. I always wonder if those people are merely coincidences or something more divine.

    I remember a lot of similar car incidents with my dad. He’d doze off only to quickly catch himself later or I’d have to nudge him. Used to scare the shit out of me. I’d try to focus all my energy hoping that it would keep him from crashing.

    1. I did the same thing with focusing my energy. lol. Now I can’t ever sleep in the car while someone is driving. I definitely have considered whether or not instances like the one with the blonde girl are divine or not. I just label it as unknown and mysterious. 😀

      1. Haha, yeah unknown and mysterious is a good category. I wish I had the discipline to stay awake while other people are driving me but it’s so damn comfortable to just fall asleep.

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