Egads! A Regular Blog Post, Batman!

Slowly but surely, I am becoming quite useless. 

Hahaha! xD

Eeo is gaining weight and stretching out in my belly making it harder to do a lot of things.

Like… Breathe, walk around, sleep, sit, and yeah… everything else you can think of.

I wanted to take a break from posting the pages of my book to just blog for once.

It’s really nice getting all kinds of stories out of my system. It feels like some kind of healing experience.


I now have two days left to finish packing up my things before I hop on the bus to Illinois.

It’s becoming an intense struggle to do normal things like laundry and move things around. 

I could sit and feel lonely or helpless about it, but I don’t have the time to feel sorry for myself.

lol. I need to get everything done before I leave, Monday.


I have found a super happy thought to contemplate on whenever I find spare moments throughout the day.

I can’t tell you what that is, because I would have to kill you.

But, it’s powerful enough to vanquish anything negative that enters my brain.

And that is quite lovely. ❤


I’m extremely excited about the next phases of my life!

New adventures and experiences await and I can hardly contain my curiosity and hopes.


I can’t wait to get to Illinois and settle in.

I’m sure my activities will be limited soon, so I’m bringing a suitcase full of books, my laptop and things to draw with. I’m going to try to write, draw and read as much as I can before Eeo joins the outside world. 🙂


I’m glad my mom has been here hanging out. Even if she’s been trying to stuff me full of soda, potato chips, and delicious Vietnamese food. Hahaha!

Speaking of…

I’m going to go finish watching some crocodile shows with her now.


Peace, Love & Solidarity!

❤ Kimlee




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