A Void.

I’m here. 



I can’t imagine what the world will feel like whenever I am capable again.

This is an impeccable moment for me.

Constant back pain, discomfort, anticipation, weakness, pelvic pain and a general inability to do normal things.

I can’t wait for Eeo to be here in my arms.

I can’t wait to be able to run and jump when I’m excited.

This period in my life is helping me deal with the most frustrating lesson in life.

The will of patience.


I do question myself. Only for a moment do I wonder if I can handle everything.

That moment is promptly followed by laughter in my head. 

I can handle anything.

And I will.


Some days just get to me, though.

The days that seem less bright.

Days where I can feel a bubble of emptiness inside.

I wonder what I wish would fill it.


I pour ideas into the void.


Then I realize that I had to have created the bubble.

So, I destroy it.

And make myself whole again.


Back to work.



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