Poetry Escapes.

Bubbling to the surface,

this cauldron overflows out from in

and the feelings within 

bleed out until they become thin.


Stretched beyond my understanding

encompassing everything known

and merging with the unknown 

to devise plans of my demise.


Through weary eyes…

I reflect 

and inspect in retrospect

wondering what the heck is going on.


A flowing song

going on 

and on

until my thoughts are gone

And silence stares me blankly in the face.


My heart beats at a rapid pace

leaving absolutely no trace

and this place becomes empty space

as I fall from grace into the next rat race

and conjure up the next admonition…


To tell myself, 

advice to follow

as I swallow a placebo effecting 

my entire internal desire

and I enter the eternal fire.


It is there that I perspire 

and conspire against 

everything that I stand for.

My liberties and grandeur.


I rinse my brain in comfort

let it drip into my eyes

wash my mouth out with hope

and repeat…






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