Thoughts from Georgia to Illinois

What are our rights if they’re not rightfully ours?

Are they wrongfully yours?

To be taken away at any sign of the first inconvenience to the system and the powers that be?

I wasn’t pregnant at the time of the arrests,

but I realize now that I wasn’t just doing this for myself and us.

We weren’t just doing this for the people of this country that are oblivious to our vanishing rights being sold out for political gains and a monetary profit.

We were doing it for the future generations like Eeo’s.

The babies that will grow into adults one day and wonder why we didn’t have our priorities straight.

Wondering why we tried to live infinitely and unsustainably within a finite system.

Wondering why we watched the generations before us kill the beauty of the world and chose to continue the tradition of the human “condition” rather than stopping the machine in it’s tracks and starting over with new ways of doing and thinking that made sense to the future members of our civilization and left the world in a better and more lovely state than we’d found it in.


This wasn’t a congregation of misfits trying to break the law because it seemed rebellious and adventurous.

This wasn’t a matter of just proving the Constitution to be invalid and blatantly abused.

This was a matter of an organic gathering of a collective consciousness willing to put their souls on the line in order to change the current paradigm.

Because underneath it all,
we all know that it needs to be done.

A paradigm shift is crucial to the survival of our human race, the entire collective of species on this planet, the delicate ecosystem we are tied to, and even just the quality of life on Earth for everything involved.

How can you deny change?

Occupy was dismissed by many in the beginning because of the lack of willingness to understand that we didn’t come out to our public forums to complain and point fingers and expect someone else to do something about everything wrong in the world.

We were there to highlight the issues, bring forth transparency, that we so desperately needed in order to even begin finding solutions and bring more awareness and community together in order to stop waiting for change and instead inact it.

Gandhi said to be the change that you wish to see in the world and we said “Okay!” ^_^!

Just some thoughts…




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