The End.

Here we are. We’ve reached the end.




On making it this far.


Tomorrow will not be the end.


Maybe the end of many cycles. The end of a Mayan calendar.

The end of a false prediction. 




But not the end of the world.


If it were, would you be satisfied with the way you’ve lived until this moment?

Would there be anything you feel that you left unsaid or undone?

Would you wish for more time, or welcome the closing curtains of your life?


This day will come and pass like any other. 

Yet, it will come and pass like no other.

All the same.


People will laugh it off. More doubt will pile on for the next human predictions for the future doomsdays to come. People will not change.


…Unless they become affected by thought.


So, on this last day…


…of the Mayan calendar…

and all we know…


May we come to realize that it is actually a beginning.

This is a beginning of a new cycle. A door will be opened into a realm unknown.

You can choose to continue to be the same person you’ve always been, living the same way that you’ve been living. Doing the same things you’ve done before…




You can take this as an opportunity. Mark the day as a new beginning. Jump into the black hole and beyond the event horizon. Let life take you somewhere new. Shed yourself and evolve.




The world needs a complete paradigm shift from humanity.

We can’t expect it from the elephants. Nor from the centipedes.

Nor from the dolphins and whales…

And we shouldn’t expect it of them.


We humans are the ones that need to change. 

We need to become a more responsible species and do better for our fellow earthlings.


I’m not asking you to donate all of your money and volunteer all of your time. 

I’m asking you to think about the state of the world. 

Consider the lives of your fellow neighbors and community around you. 

Just think a bit today and wonder if maybe the Earth wouldn’t benefit from the loss of humanity. I read once that if a certain species of plankton were to go extinct, it’s disappearance would wreak havoc on the rest of life on Earth. Although, if humans were to go extinct, all the world would flourish.


Life on Earth would go on without us. And live very well. 


But, we don’t have to kill ourselves off to make the world a better place.

Just think of the simple things that you can do to make anyone’s life better. 

Even your own.


Less greed. Less consumption. Less hate.

More love. 


Destroy the illusions of society. Things can be done that you never thought of before. Especially, all of the things in life that other people told you you could not do.

No matter your religion or lack-thereof…

You need to have faith in yourself.

Always hold on to hope.

Never lose sight of the light.





You can let the 21st pass as any other day in history.

You can sit on social media and post amusing pictures and comments about how the world isn’t crashing down around you.

You can keep an eye on the news to check if any fame seeking crazies do anything to mark the day.


But just once for the day, look deep inside yourself and assess where you are, where you’ve come from, and where you’d like to go from there.

Make the day that was supposed to be “The End” into “The Beginning”. 


Consider resolutions, ponder childhood dreams you’ve yet to accomplish, think of everything you’ve wished you could, but never said to those that matter deeply to you.




On the 22nd…

Unleash your soul.

Unlock your full potential.

Release your hidden emotions.

Let go.

And be.


Don’t hold back!

And why would you? …You’re going to survive another proposed Doomsday.


So Live!



Peace, Love, & Solidarity



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