All Eyes On Occupy

Let me just start by saying that I wasn’t at all surprised to learn any of this.

We suspected that big brother was watching and within our occupation from the beginning.

Especially, since around the fourth OA GA, a lady named Jenny was accused of collecting names and giving them over to the DHS.

We acted autonomously from that point on and for the most part, suspected everyone as being an undercover cop or infiltrator and acted accordingly.

We knew we were being watched in all kinds of ways everywhere we went.

That never deterred us from standing up where we thought that a light should be shining on the injustices of today. In fact, it’s quite fun when you know that someone is watching and waiting for something to act on. It reminds me of the night that we tried to re-occupy the park.

November 5th, 2011. Remember, remember the fifth of November. Bank Transfer Day.

We all came to Woodruff Park (AKA Troy Davis Park) at the ready. We brought and quickly pitched our tents. We decorated them all with flags and talked excitedly about the night. We grew from a few to many and laughed and cheered.

We waited for the 11PM curfew to hit.

Five minutes before the curfew we devised a new plan.

We all decided to vacate the park and leave behind one person.

That way, whenever the insane amount of police force arrived, they might see how ridiculous they looked coming to arrest peaceful protesters.

Especially, since there was only one in the park. πŸ˜‰

They came for us.

Tons of cops! Police in riot gear. Police on horses. Police on motorcycles. A helicopter or two…

It was so much chaos for just one person sitting in the park while we left the barricaded area. We decided to march down the street around the park and were met very quickly by police force. They immediately began snatching people.

A white shirt officer with a clicker tallied up people as they arrested them.

This is how we knew they were there for numbers.

They must have been embarrassed about showing up in such force for one person.

So they began grabbing people at any chance they could get.

We ran to fill the sidewalks, but some of us weren’t fast enough and the line between the road and walkways were lined with police. They were behind us. They were in front of us. And they were moving in and snatching people up and throwing people down.

It was scary. Like a game you play as kids and the police were the monsters that grab you out of nowhere and they take you away to disappear for a while.

(Here is an example of the snatch and grabs from the night:)

(And here is a video of the night. Funny, too… the person that made this video was suspected as being an informant as well. πŸ™‚

(Here’s an account of the day from a friend’s perspective.)

In their craze, they arrested about three student journalists and a photographer from the Creative Loafing (free Atlanta newspaper). They even grabbed someone that wasn’t part of the protest who had just walked out of a nearby restaurant!


Below are a good couple of links I’ve been sent by many friends that are about surveillance on the Occupy Wall Street movement as well as our own occupation in Atlanta and the Police “Plan of Action”.

FBI considered Occupy movement potential threat, documents say


Peace, Love, & Solidarity

❀ Kimlee


One thought on “All Eyes On Occupy

  1. great summary of the events and yes, you would of thought space monsters had invaded the city, its hard to believe there was that much force. yes too, the dept. of homeland security thought the occupy movement was gonna take over the country, it was very clear that the 1% were quite terrified, but in reality, the movement was about equality for the 99%. they never got what our goals were.

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