Above and Beyond.

It appears we’ve overshot our targets, met our deadlines to the death, and it has all  gone according to plan…

Yet we aren’t anywhere near stopping and this has become a fundamental problem of our society. It’s not that we need to just stop everything. It is that we absolutely must come together in this human race and halt for a moment to assess where we are and how far we come in order to see where we need to go from here on out.

Instead, we seem to be chugging along in the same traditional attire as those that came before us and instilled their judgement onto us. We’ve been carrying their torch past the finish line and it’s going to burn out before we realize the white line that’d been crossed years ago.

The reason civilization comes time and time again to a revolution is because we sift and sift until the condensed problems continue at the top and the bottom calls for equality and diversity again. (Have you ever played Monopoly and it’s obvious who the winner is and you wonder why you continue playing when there is absolutely no coming back for you? It just drags on until they have every single property, debt, company, transportation service and dollar bill?) That is what this feels like.

Occupy started out as the players that were tired of the uneven game continuing to drag on and play out. Especially when they realized that the other players were cheating like crazy. So we the people got together. Gathered in the commons of today. Whether that was a park, state capital, or a social media networking site. Our commons isn’t supposed to be exactly the same as our forefathers. We evolved into a technologically advanced day and age and I recognize the reality that a place like Facebook can change minds, create community, connect diversity lines, and jumpstart action and potential. As we began to be forced out and evicted from our physical commons in the middle of our cities, we sought a place to vent and share online. And it’s no wonder that the powers that be would want to start to regulate the internet and kill free speech everywhere we go.

The more we communicate with one another, the more we learn, feel, and know. Our minds evolve endlessly as long as we keep them open, yet skeptical. We see truth and wisdom from all sources and the Universe provides the light that dissipates our darkness.

And now we see.

A new perspective is achieved over and over as our sight is refined and our souls are defined. We obtain compassion and divulge in our relationships with on another and stop being alone in our cynicism. We become, *GASP* educated. This is, after all, the Information Age and we can’t be stopped.

We’ve grown too big to fail, although, the people that think they’re above us have tried to stomp us out by convincing us otherwise. Through politically controlled dialogue in media sources and a shoddy education system, what we learn has been maneuvered and manipulated into a monstrosity of unrealistic reality. We are limited in our thinking and therefore, limiting our own potential. The belief that we are limitless creatures with infinite potential doesn’t cross our mind until we find a flaw within the system that we’ve grown old with. As a back-up precaution, we are installed with fear and denial so we are afraid to take risks and second-guess ourselves and our ideas.

This society we’ve built is just that. A society built.

But we didn’t build it this way. Everyone that came before us did. And we are just living it out, as was planned, without question or hesitation.

We are what is holding ourselves back. Individually and universally.

We need to question everything on a daily basis and seek out the truth in every corner.

Don’t believe everything, but believe in everything.

Life is what you make it and that goes for everything in it.

This country is going to be Great or God-Awful depending on the impression you leave on it. You can easily say that politics or activism isn’t your bag and just dismiss it all as hobbies and interests, but that is wrong. You can hate politics, but they are going to go along without you and if you don’t keep a watchful eye on things, it’s like letting a few untrained dogs and toddlers loose in a house. Turn your back and it’s all destroyed. You don’t have to take part in politics, but it would be nice if all participants were informed in order to make their own opinions and judgement with all of the facts. (The problem most people have here is that they aren’t sure what sources are going to give them the truth, so they give up at the start. This just proves more that our society is fucked up when the news isn’t even news anymore. If you can’t trust the journalists, you may as well watch something fictional that’s entertaining… and people do. They change the channel and give up the search. so easily.) Another fault in this society we’ve been swimming in, is that we have used technology to free up time for more things to do and fill that time with more work and energy until all the crevices are filled and we have no idle time to stop and think. To halt and question. To rest and wonder… is this all how it should be? Is this all that it could be? The human potential is infinite and we are limiting ourselves to this one type of being together. Hating and judging one another. Slandering, bullying, killing, hurting, stifling, and abandoning each other.

We are capable of so much more!

There IS time. Time to build the community that benefits all that reside in it. Time to appreciate and love one another. Time to question all traditional values. I mean, consider that the recent Pope has just quit and stepped down from the Vatican. The times are changing and even he knows that he can’t continue on like before. The human species wants to evolve and it will one way or another. But we can’t evolve alone.

It takes a collective consciousness to move forward and shift the boundaries aside. You just have to find your part, your niche’ in all of this. It’s time to stop and think before we can all move forward. That is what Occupy was all about. Coming together and assessing the situation and the hands that we’ve all been dealt. Rising above and beyond the situations and progressing from there on out. The people have had a taste of what it’s like to work together and break out of the mold that confines us. And it tastes and feels good. Defying logic, boundaries, and misconceptions together and unlearning the limited mindsets we’ve been handed down we can cultivate a utopia worth living in.

And one worth handing down to our children to mold something of their own out of.

So, take a moment to stop.

Take a deep breath.

Take two.

And formulate a few plans on how to: better your community(if you aren’t connected, get involved and get to know the people around you.), cherish and appreciate your relationships with people, friends, and family(it’s the most important thing in life!), and teach your kids everything you wish you’d have known. (Give them all the time and energy you can muster. Remember that they will become the next generation with the world we leave in their hands. Give them the tools of innovation that reside internally in their minds forever. Teach them how to be resilient, amiable, patient, compassionate, and innovative.)

All in all, the present is all we really have and if we let the now pass us by while our heads are in the past or future, we’ll be dead before you know it and wondering where time went.

Just some thoughts, 🙂

❤ Kimlee



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