My First Visit to Japan (Part 3)



So, we went Ice-Skating! I was 23, and it was the first time I’d ever ice skated and it was in Japan. It was amazing! Just like rollerblading for me, which I used to love and be great at. 


(Thursday, ‎January ‎08, ‎2009, ‏‎4:26:56 AM): Image


(This picture glitched on my phone at the bottom, but it still tells the story. 😉Image







(Thursday, ‎January ‎08, ‎2009, ‏‎4:32:40 AM)Image


(Monday, ‎January ‎12, ‎2009, ‏‎9:30:20 AM): Chu-hi’s taste like Sprite, but will get you verrry drrrunk! Trust me.Image


(Monday, ‎January ‎12, ‎2009, ‏‎11:38:18 PM): The next day, we went to Kamakura to see the Daibutsu. ❤ We took the trains to get there. 🙂Image(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:04:28 AM): Drunk off of Chu-Hi’s the night before… I let Lisa dye my hair. Image


(It was really crazy. lol)Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:34:52 AM): It’s a Sunny Day in Kamakura! 😀Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:35:22 AM)Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:36:26 AM)Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:36:50 AM): They know how to make you hungry!Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:40:30 AM): We stopped in at a tiny Ramen shop.Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:39:42 AM): Mmm!Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎12:47:06 AM): Mmm… it’s so much better than the menu picture!Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎1:17:52 AM)Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎1:20:20 AM): I’m so glad Lisa took me to see the Great Buddha!Image









(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎2:26:40 AM): A store close by was fun to explore!Image


(This is obviously.the place where ninjas shop. Haha!)Image


(Awesome Cloud figurine… Not For Sale. :P)Image


(Awesome Berserk figurine… Not For Sale. :P)Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎2:35:28 AM)Image

(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎2:46:36 AM)Image




(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎2:57:04 AM) I love riding the trains!Image




(They have seats reserved for mothers with babies, pregnant women, old people, and the handicapped.)Image

We got to go on the Navy ship that Jason worked on. I started feeling sea sick soon, though.Image


(Tuesday, ‎January ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎5:27:48 AM): This mini statue of a geisha getting tattooed was pretty amazing. 🙂Image


(To Be Continued…)



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