Stripping the Layers, Unfolding Time

I’ve spent so much time seeking the world outside of me.

It’s been one hell of an adventure and I have loved every minute of it. 

I can look back and experience any moment I choose to and feel the warmth as if recalling a sunny day spent lying in the light cast through a wide window. Warm carpet on my skin. Heat baking my body. Like swimming in a pile of warm laundry right out of the dryer. 

I can recall at any moment, a seemingly negative event that caused me much pain at the time. I probe it under a microscope and dissect every aspect and purpose for its existence. I can see the lesson and be thankful for what I’ve learned from it. I can share it with others and explain how their problems can be overcome and studied as well. 

The past is passed. 


In the present moment, I type, pause, think, type, listen, smile…


The future is unwritten, but considered. Often enough, I daydream and fantasize the possible outcomes and do not limit myself to other’s concepts of reality and society’s expectations. Worry creeps in and I bat it away with my wings of hope and spiritual light. I ponder this new self. The one under the layers of time. Like blankets, I get too hot under them and strip down to the core of me. I. Which is really all of existence. We. Us. Entirety.


Before, when I sought the world beyond me…

I was creating a world around me out of the perception that I was a separate being. I looked for love from an outside source. Someone that had something I was missing and couldn’t gain on my own. This is exactly what made me always feel empty. I could never be fulfilled if I thought an outside source held what I lacked. I was never lacking in the first place, but I lived in my own world where I believed that to be so because I was manifesting it before me.

 For the first time ever, when I began to look inward, I started to seek myself. 

My true self.


I’ve found some infinite source of light and energy and I’ve been following it, as the world evolves around me, changing along with my perception. As I seek, which quantum physics says we always find exactly what we are looking for, I’m finding more than I could have ever known looking at things in the old light of my being. 

I’m finding that I am not me at all.

At least, not what I had perceived myself to be.

Not the shell of consolidated cells and muscle tissue that walks about on a physical plane questioning why and what for…

Something different. This body is just a tool to maneuver around in this state of existence for the time being. A body made of star dust just like everything else. But the spirit residing within is everything. Consciousness experiencing consciousness. 

Each set of eyes is a different angle.

A different perspective.

The more people that become enlightened and join the path, the more intense the light grows. The more brilliant the energy becomes. Evolution has begun. 

It began long ago and quite possibly has always been.

Every moment has come from inspiration from the past from somewhere. 

Every moment inspires the next through the future that become the past and so on.

Every moment is now.

This is where we need to exist.

This is where I will practice living, being, existing…



Forever and infinitely, we are all capable of the evolution of ourselves. 

Don’t just look inward. 

Seek the truth of yourself individually and you will automatically be paving the way of your own personal path to it all. 


I’ve only just come to a new light and layer of existence today.

I reflect on what led me here, momentarily…

I inhale…


I am excited for the new future with my new awareness and perception…

I inhale…


I go in and out of thought, but always come back to the source of being.


It has begun…





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