New Beginnings!

So, this is what I am up to:


I’m about to move back to Georgia from Antioch, Illinois.

I’ve been teaching myself sign language.

I’ve begun to exercise on a regular basis and am about to get into Yoga for many many reasons.(Physical, spiritual, etc.)

I’m going to work on my foreign languages.

I’ll be going back to being mostly vegetarian, then full vegetarian again. (Meat is starting to gross me out for some reason…)

Eeo is starting to coo and goo goo gaa gaa like CRAZY! (I think I talk to her so much that now she just goes on and on…!) She’s about to be four months old. 🙂

I’m going to buy a car when I get back to Georgia even though I said I’d never buy one again after mine got totalled. 

I’ve gone into serious mode with my art. 😀

I plan on getting a job or two and saving up to transition a move back to Atlanta where I can attempt to go back to school.

These are just the blueprints, subject to change and I’m malleable. 

Never can tell what opportunities may present themselves, you know? 😀

I need to fill my life with lots of new and exciting things to keep me grounded in one place since I won’t be travelling like crazy like I have been. I’m excited and can already feel so much energy in this new life. This year is all about becoming completely independent and focusing on becoming the best version of me that is possible. 

You know in the movie, “Yes, man” how he gets into all these news things and they all come up later in life and he gets to use his new skills and knowledge? Well, I plan on getting into as many new useful and exciting skills that I can manage. (And then some. ;P)


So, expect me.

Much love and peace,

❤ Kimlee





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