This Society’s Female





You are born into a world where your genitalia is a deciding factor on what colors your clothing will be for the next few years.

Society weighs it’s heavy opinions onto you through everyone you come into contact with and the environment that you reside in. 

Advertisements try to convince you that you are lacking in many ways. You can’t be beautiful without their products. Nobody will be interested in you without their help. And when someone makes you unhappy, you need merely to buy something to pick you back up. The commercials prove it to you with their dialogues. 

That family is so happy now that they have that minivan and their Eggos. 

Did you see that magazine in the grocery store while we were buying food? It had girl in the title. People like me must read it and get all the latest tips on how to be the best at what we should be. If I read it, I can fit in and discuss what a girl should be like with other girls I come across. A subscription is cheaper and comes directly to the house. 

You’re hooked for years.

Until the age comes where you grow out of being a girl and choose the older version on the magazine. 

It tells you what a female in this society should look like. Should act like. What they should buy. What they should like. It tries to define us. As we are trying to define ourselves.

This constant barrage of advertisements immersed in our awareness eats away at us without our knowing. It disperses the idea of lack all throughout our subconscious until we become riddled with holes. 

We feel empty and seek a lover to fill the empty space. 

I need to be pretty to attract a man. So, I buy all the latest makeup, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, hairsprays, nail polishes, etc. 

I need to smell like these fancy perfumes I saw in the magazines.

I need to wear clothes that attract guys to my figure and get them to find me desirable.

On and on and on…

We’re told by our surroundings that we need all of these things to fill these empty spaces in our hearts… Empty spaces in our minds created by the capitalist society that “just wants to help”. We’ll never be satisfied because if we were, then our need for new things would vanish and the companies would have to begin creating things that weren’t worthless. 

It doesn’t seem that bad.

But when you don’t realize that you’ve been conditioned to feel like you are and will always be lacking, you’re stuck in a never ending cycle of a low self esteem. A lack of self worth.

And this is how you breed women that stay in abusive relationships. Women that succumb to the numbing effect of drug addictions. Women who feel like they can never be happy on their own without being in a relationship. And when they are in a relationship, no matter how amazing it is, they still feel empty and think something is lacking. 

Their expectations are never met because they have expectations in the first place. Not to mention, expectations that are customized according to what society deems reasonable.

How sad is this?

So many women today ambiguously trapped in a very negative way of thinking, acting, and perceiving. 

And these are the same women that give birth and raise the next generations to come.

We need to promote questioning. Open minds. Open thought. Diversity.

We need to realize that fulfillment comes only from within and that you, yourself are the only person with control of this. Abundance is not something that is to be gained. Abundance is something to be realized. This world is full of abundance and love and beauty.

It has always and will always reside in the individual’s heart and only needs to be tapped into. 

Women need to practice self-love. 

It is possible to be happy and free. 

You don’t need someone else to make you happy. 

Other people may bring out the happiness in you at times, but they are not providing you with something that you are or have been lacking. 

Happiness is a choice, perspective, and a state of mind.

Forget everything you’ve been shown.

Forget everything you’ve been told.

Just be you.

You know, that girl underneath all of the layers of projection and conditioning…?

The girl that enjoys what she enjoys and is appreciative with the body, soul, and mind she’s been given. Think about everything that you love about yourself that no one else has. Personality-wise or physical. Think of all the challenges you’ve overcome. Think of your best friends and best memories. Think of your most cherished family members and your best experiences. 

Now, really…

Would you rather be anyone else?


You’re so unique and beautiful.

Just enjoy it and let yourself blossom.

Stop doing things to impress anyone else but that amazing internal girl that wants to be let out. Don’t let her suffocate inside of you.

Just fucking be.


❤ Kimlee




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