Bends, Flexes, Struggles… ah… Moksha!


We are born into this world as limitless beings.

Depending on where we are born and who our parents may be, we are raised with the values and ethics of our environment and traditions passed down.

Boundaries are set upon us by our mentors and teachers.

We are told we what can and cannot do and this is the way of life for us as we reach for puberty and independence.

Around age eighteen we are slowly set free of our own accord and begin the process of discovering life with the tools of thought that we’ve been given.

For years, I have been learning lesson by lesson and removing the layers of conditioning imposed on me from birth.

I have always questioned society and it’s standards of being and have yearned for my own freedom to be me completely and openly.

I’ve always pushed the envelope and wondered wherever I could.

Now that I’ve been on my latest journey of self-discovery and self-love I am learning more than ever at a rapid pace!

Taking up new skills has led me to Yoga and Yoga is leading me down a new rabbit hole into myself.

My self.

In a struggle to remain humble and avoid egotistical self-love, all these years I’ve been keeping my self from… myself.

It’s okay, though.

I wouldn’t have wanted to live any other life up to this moment and all my experimental experiences and curious curiosities have not been for nothing.

I regret nothing at this point. All due to my consistent passion for adventure and discovery.

I leap when I get the urge and no matter what happens, I learn the lessons needed to be the person I strive to be.

Rather than gathering the things I used to think I was lacking…

I am learning to strip away all of the things that I am not.

How liberating! 😀

To become my true self is merely to uncover it from the dusts of time and the layers of self-imposed desires and nonsense.

I am under there somewhere.

Laughing at myself.

Laughing at the attempts to create myself out of things that aren’t me at all!

Laughing as If I were playing a game of hide and seek,

and waiting to be discovered… by myself.


I cannot express what joy I’ve found in here. In my self liberation.

Or as they call it in Yoga, “Moksha”. (Which literally means “release”.)

Every Asana that I fold my body into tests the limits of my flexibility. This is an amazing way to see what boundaries I have! As for my body, I may feel my muscles tense and be unable to push myself into such a bend. This does not make me want to give up, but helps me to realize the areas in which I must focus on and work more diligently on.

If it were more easy,

say, I were able to flex into a pose with no feelings of pain or struggle, I wouldn’t even want to continue. I would try and find something harder and harder until I felt more limitations.

I believe that we as human beings create our own walls and boundaries because it is a test for us. To see if we give up or strive to break them down.

To break free and breathe in the goodness.

To have that moment to relish in our capabilities before we seek out another struggle that challenges us!


What an amazing time to be where/who/what I am and acknowledge it., before I press on.

Namaste & Much Love!




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