Today’s Lessons.


Let me just say that sometimes your curiosity leads you to venture into places where you do things that you don’t necessarily regret, but you learn that you don’t particularly like them. It is not a bad thing to try green eggs and ham and decide that they are not for you. In fact, It is good that you gave them a chance and discovered more about yourself in the process. This is the best way that we grow as a person. Trial and error.

I’m sure you could think back to at least one instance of this in your life.

Something that you only learn after the fact and you know it will stick with you for the rest of your life. 😉

I tried not to get myself in a funk about it too much and attempted to maintain my thoughts and keep them in a positive cycle. Morning yoga cleared my slate before the day unfolded into a tiny bit of chaos.

My next lesson of the day came in three waves.

I was in the middle of a few stressed people and continued to think to myself that I needed to find a way to avoid people when they are like that or hide or escape…

I ran off when the stress was projected onto me and piled up on my shoulders. I felt heavy and heaved it all to my room where I sat by myself for a moment and did a more relaxing yoga session.

I came back to the area inhabited by these stressed individuals and with a calm state of mind and pure thoughts I felt a new sense of awareness for the situation.

I realized that I shouldn’t necessarily run and hide completely when the people around me are intensely stressed and irritable. If anything, they need someone there to help relieve their stress. Even if that means sitting by someone and listening to them vent for an hour or so. If I have the ability to empty out my cup when it is overfilled with anguish and feelings by other people and people that need me might not be able to do so as easily, then I can spare some time and be a sponge to soak up some of their stress and negative feelings.

When I feel overfilled I can escape for a moment and do yoga to clear my mind and I am so happy again and feel even more happy that I could be there for someone. Even if it seems like such a small thing.

When I try to help people these days, my determination is in overdrive and I toss my own feeling aside for a moment so I can be there for someone as much as I can be. I try to understand the underlying anxiety someone may have and go about ways of making their load a little bit lighter for them if I can.

So, it may be quite easy to run away from a person that is troubled and may be making you anxious or angry, but it’s more of a challenge to stay and find out why they are feeling the way they are and try not to get wound up yourself.

If you need a moment to step away when things like, “oh my gosh! that made me so angry! I can’t believe they said/did that!” begin to cycle through your mind, then walk away.

But don’t abandon anyone in need.

Time for some nighttime yoga! Haha!

Yes, I am addicted.

Namaste and much love!

❤ Kimlee



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