A Day in the Life…

What an amazing day!

By most standards, my day may not be of any value to anyone else but me.

But, I feel amazing and I am maintaining my present moment in a new way and practicing a lot of new things at once. 😀

I woke up today and fed Eeo after changing her diaper.

I talked to her for a few minutes until her attention began to wane. Then, I rolled her over for some arm, back, and neck strengthening tummy time! She’s getting better at her little baby pushups. Haha! When she began to get a little frustrated at that baby “Asana” I set her in her play gym with her cute little animal toy friends and added her new furry bunny from yesterday to it. She loves playing with the toys with her hands and looking into the mirror while she kicks the piano at her feet. This gyms is perfect for teaching her self awareness, different textures, and cause and effect. ;D

I picked up around the room a little before getting into some morning yoga.

After yoga, I began to collect my things as I had just collected myself and prepare myself for what is to come next.

I’m moving back to Georgia soon, so I am packing and getting things ready today. 

I pulled Eeo around in a little car walker after her gym time and shared my breakfast of fruit with her to give her a little taste. 

Then, I fed her a bottle and put her down for a nap all while listening to a two hour lecture by Alan Watts. (<3)

I’m still organizing and cleaning, but I took a moment to do some spring time yoga and sit doing nothing so that I could ponder on Alan’s words and meaning before I wake Eeo for another bottle and go on about the day.

I never really blog about what I am doing or much about my life in the seemingly mundane aspects, so I thought I might share a day with you.

From here, I plan to eat lunch while Eeo hangs out with family and plays in her jumper before I give her a bath.

I can’t say for sure what the rest of the night will turn into as I am amiable and open to opportunities that present themselves, but I hope that you find as much happiness and enjoyment throughout your day as I have found in the most simple of tasks. 😀

Ta ta for now,

much love and namaste,





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