What it’s like Being a Parent.

So, I know a lot of people were quite surprised whenever they found out that I was pregnant last year.

I even had a few people ask me if I was going to get an abortion!

I’m sorry, but that is kind of a crazy thing to ask someone when they tell you they have good news.

I know that they were a few hardcore activists that were wondering if I might join the Deep Green Resistance or something, but what the hell are we fighting for, if not for the next generation of humanity to carry on our torches and do it better and wiser?!

I am seriously proud and very thankful to be a mother and I have always wanted to be.

If you think maybe that I wasn’t in a situation to bring a person into the world and take care of them, I would hope you consider all of the amazing people that weren’t born into “perfection”. Whatever that is… I’m sure society has it described as something that barely anyone reaches. And if you have, then bravo and congratulations! Haha!

I am ten months apart from my brother and I’m sure my mother did not plan to have two kids at the age of 34! ^_^! I’m really glad that she didn’t decide not to have me even though I wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t…


I thought I might take a moment to describe what it is like for me being a parent and mother.

I think in an Anthropological sense about all of the tribal people from past and present that gave birth and raised children with much less than I have! Oh how intense that must be and must have been. No epidural or cesarean section or pitocin… Nada! Zip! Zilch!

Not even in a sanitary hospital.

So when I think of these millions of women and children, I know that it’s in my blood, in my DNA, in the human coding how to raise a little one.

As for the experience itself, I find myself going about it in various ways. Always thinking and pondering of the many aspects of being a child and raising one.

When I watch Eeo grow, I imagine my growth as a baby and child and appreciate my mother, females, and all mothers so much more than I ever have.

It’s like a new light has been cut on and my view of the world has expanded. 😀

I also consider that my childhood is for the most part voided out and this makes me want to raise my baby with experiences that she will love to remember and cherish. I want her life to be unforgettable.

I am already listing places I want to take her at various ages and all the things I want to show her. This is like being an Earth Ambassador. Some sort of tour guide in a sense…

I have welcomed her into the world and now it is my sworn duty to protect her as I show her everything that this planet has to offer and let her know what kind of impact we all have here so that she may know her own and one day I can send her off on her own to live her adventure as she pleases.

What a beautiful role to have in this world!!! ^_^!

I have a newfound love for the little things. I can live vicariously through her as she has her new experiences and is amazed by things I may have taken for granted throughout life. To babies, every little thing in the world is amazing.

And somewhere along the line we forget this.

I could not thank her more for bringing me a new life and giving me such a beautiful and noble responsibility!

I’ve never taken the time to be on my own and really bring out the best in me until I began to bring out things in her. I don’t ever feel like I’m giving her anything she is lacking. Like with language. I’m not teaching her what she doesn’t know necessarily. I am merely teaching her the labels we have placed on the world around us in order to discuss and describe them. She goo’s and gaa’s all the time. She has a language already as she tries to express herself and her feelings to me every once in a while. I just don’t understand baby language and she doesn’t understand English, yet. Hahahaha!

I always think about this whole experience in a sort of Buddhist light and as an internal scientist.

I study her to learn more about her individually and also to understand the human race better! What better way to be an Anthropologist than to do it from the basics and from the ground up?

As I go about trying to understand her and the human experience better, I always find that it all comes back to my self as well. I am learning so much about myself. My true self and I don’t think I could have ever achieved it the way I am without her. ❤

So there you have it.

Have I ever been scared or worried or regretful?

Sparingly and barely whenever I was in the middle of my pregnancy, but as soon as those negative thoughts crept up, as they always seem to do… I extinguished them with hope, love, and excitement for all of the beautiful and positive things there are to being in this position.

What perfect timing, too! I think twenty-six is the perfect age for me to begin this journey. I’ve gotten a lot out of my system and have matured more than I put on. ;D

I hope if you are a parent that you feel the same joy and love that I feel.

Always. :3

Much love & namaste,




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