A Dull Sharp Pain.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it happens to you.

Two worlds collide and nothing is ever the same.

Even if infinity is merely a blip on the radar, 

I wanna spend it with you.

Most days I can brush these feelings aside, 

but today I just can’t hide.

It hurts.

This commotion creeping through every crevice of my being…

In a few minutes I am going to give in 

and let go.

I’m going to let it take over me and do what it wants.

I haven’t the strength to fight it 

and the idea of attempting to is equally exhausting.

An influx of negativity is drowning every cell that holds me together and I sweat it all out in my tears.

I look around and find many others that have experienced this kind of pain.

Who am I to talk to them about it?

They know full and well what it’s like.

I’m just late to the game and writhing.

They would probably tell me that I’ll get used to it.

Used to the feeling and good luck with the healing.


I’ve never been here before.

In this untamed world of emotion and unable to find something to grab onto and lift myself up.

I can usually tell myself that it will pass and things will change, but I can’t tell if I am punishing myself or not.

If I am, then it will be relentless.

If I am not, then, who knows.

All that I can be sure of is that the pain is there and lingering.

Dull and aching until my awareness greets it again and again,

bringing it to the surface and sharpening the edge of my insanity.

This must be purgatory.

Otherwise known as love.






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