This is the place you need to explore.

I mean…

I’m not telling you what to do, I can really only speak for myself, but I definitely suggest it.

Discomfort is what comes to you whenever you give up all of the things that you disliked about your life. When you crawl away from the comfort zone and try new things, invest in new habits, become better.

This is the natural response of the comfort zone. Incredible discomfort.

All of these thoughts will come to you. Trying to beckon you back to what you know and what is easy. Each time you choose to come back, it’s like giving in to a bad relationship. You are made to feel bad by all of these thoughts challenging your newfound hope and spirit. If you think, “awww okay. I’m sorry comfort zone. You’re right. We can work things out here where it’s nice and squishy and warm. We can keep doing the things that we’ve been doing and get the results we know we will get.”

Then, it always comes back to a moment where we wonder what we could have been capable of had we decided to keep going, keep growing, continue exploring and pushing ourselves.

This wondering can make us feel bad about always coming back and getting comfy.

It’s never too late to try again.

Even if you continue the cycle of deciding to change for the better and bring new and awesome habits into your life… only to give in…

This can be practice.

Everything in life can be practiced and help you grow.


All of those cycles can make you begin again one day and just decide that HEY! this time I am going to hold out for just one more minute, day, or week longer than I have any time before. Then, you just bypass the struggle you had before because you’ve inched closer and closer to your goals and have decided this time that you want to see what it feels like to go much further.

This can be likened to a baby struggling to become mobile and finally reaching out and crawling across the floor instead of rocking back and forth with a steady gaze on a targeted toy or object.



You start to fill up inside with this amazing energy!

This energy of “Wow! I am further than I ever thought I would be!”

If you are curious enough about yourself and your own abilities and capabilities, you can thrive off of these feelings and energy and go even further.

Then, just when it is feeling so empowering and amazing to have pushed your limits, your comfort zone creeps in like the creeper it is and says “Hey! Don’t forget about me, okay?… I don’t like all of these new things you’re doing. And I really don’t like how much you are enjoying all of it. You should come back home to this place that you know. You’re going to ruin yourself. You don’t know what you’re doing. Stop exploring the unknown! Something is going to get you. You’re going to get into a lot of troubles and they are going to hurt you. ” Blah… Blah… Blahhhhh…

“Do me a favor and shut the hell up, comfort zone… okay?” says me.

This girl right here.

With the two thumbs.


But seriously…

This is one of the best moments of pushing yourself.

Listen very closely and intently to your comfort zone.

Hear what it has to say.

This is extremely important in your growth.

Whatever it tries to tell you… Whatever it says to you and tries to use against you…

Those are the areas you need to pinpoint as if you were burning a hole into something with a magnifying glass and the Sun.

Tear down your walls.

Destroy your hesitations to try something new and wonderful.

Obliterate all that you think you know about yourself so that you can look into the darkness and beyond. There is potential inside of you just waiting to be freed and released into the wild. It feels good.

Kill the comfort beast and run full speed into the direction of your dreams laughing maniacally and giving the comfort zone a nice double fisted bird on each hand as a parting gift.

Expect discomfort.

Relish in the knowing that this is a sure sign of the changes you are making and work through it. Use all of these uncomfortable, fiesty, crazy energies in great productive ways. When shit gets thrown at you, just throw up your bucket and collect it all, then scatter it into your garden for compost and grow your garden. When the luscious fruits and vegetables sprout and ripen, cram them into your mouth and laugh even harder at the fact that you never let that shit get you down.

Use it all to your advantage in every way that you want to grow.




Play guitar.


Whatever it is that you do and love to do.


Then, when you have something absolutely beautiful and astonishing that you’ve made through your own struggle of self-discovery, it can be something tangible to remind you that you are amazing. All it takes is doing. The only person you have to wrestle with is your own self/thoughts. And I mean, really… have you ever tried thumb-wrestling yourself?

You totally win every time.

 So, don’t beat yourself up.

But do.





“You miss 100% of the shots that you DON’T take.” ~Wayne Gretzky


“The Tao of the Snowflake.” ~February 27th, 2013


Snow seems to have more patience than the rain.

With rain, it always seems to be in a hurry to reach the

ground and cleanse everything back to new again.

It slides down and drips impatiently off of anything and

everything to get to where it’s going. It collects into

puddles waiting to seep into the ground or floods and

rushes around until it finds a crack, crevice, or opening

to sink into and vanish immediately.

But when it comes to snow, it’s like there is all the time in

the world to descend upon us. It floats, glides and drifts

down, sideways and in swirls before it finds a spot to rest

at. It doesn’t mind sitting on a branch or powerline for a

while because it seems to know that it will always eventually

reach the ground. It dances in the air and swirls and

twirls as it welcomes(becomes) the wind and direction it blows. It

accepts the push without a single hesitation and seems to

flow with the other snowflakes in a symphony.

A silent symphony with the wind as a maestro.

Yes, that’s it.

one snowflake melts upon contact and seems to have not

existed at all. But together, billions collect each other all

over the place and become something else all together.

Something new. A transformed landscape. A temporary

setting. The snow says, “I can dance in the direction I’m

blown into and find my place among the others. And I can

wait there patiently until it is time for me to leave.” This

must be the Tao of the snowflake. This must be the Tao.