“The Tao of the Snowflake.” ~February 27th, 2013


Snow seems to have more patience than the rain.

With rain, it always seems to be in a hurry to reach the

ground and cleanse everything back to new again.

It slides down and drips impatiently off of anything and

everything to get to where it’s going. It collects into

puddles waiting to seep into the ground or floods and

rushes around until it finds a crack, crevice, or opening

to sink into and vanish immediately.

But when it comes to snow, it’s like there is all the time in

the world to descend upon us. It floats, glides and drifts

down, sideways and in swirls before it finds a spot to rest

at. It doesn’t mind sitting on a branch or powerline for a

while because it seems to know that it will always eventually

reach the ground. It dances in the air and swirls and

twirls as it welcomes(becomes) the wind and direction it blows. It

accepts the push without a single hesitation and seems to

flow with the other snowflakes in a symphony.

A silent symphony with the wind as a maestro.

Yes, that’s it.

one snowflake melts upon contact and seems to have not

existed at all. But together, billions collect each other all

over the place and become something else all together.

Something new. A transformed landscape. A temporary

setting. The snow says, “I can dance in the direction I’m

blown into and find my place among the others. And I can

wait there patiently until it is time for me to leave.” This

must be the Tao of the snowflake. This must be the Tao.




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