I Lost My Pen.

I need to write in my journal.

But I lost my special pen.

I actually never use my blog to talk about anything really deep about myself.

I let my extroverted side run free on the internet while the introverted me writes ink to paper in my journals and keeps the deepest feelings to myself.

I am an ambivert. I think it makes perfect sense, considering that I am a Gemini.

Lately, I’ve been more introverted than usual.

This side of me is humble and patient.

Maybe even hesitant and bashful.

I don’t usually like to limit myself to labels, but I’ve been letting my mind roam a bit these past few days.

This is easily one of those moments in life where I could succumb to negative thoughts and downplay my own progress, but I’m done with my own mental masochism. Just done.

Life is what it is and my opinions and feelings towards it are only subjective and temporary.

There are only a few things I have come across that remain the same and those are like the love of family.

The love of family is like the involuntary movements of your heart and lungs.

You can make them distinct in your thoughts if you acknowledge them but even if you don’t think about it, they are always moving and you can trust in that until you die.

Love like this is humble and succinct.

It’s something that you don’t have to talk about every moment of every day to know that it is true.


…sigh… I need my pen.


*Crawls back into self*